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First Grade Homework- Sept 24-28
This week we will read a story helps us identify the sound of short /o/.  We will learn about verbs and how to retell a story.  In Social Studies we will learn about Johnny Appleseed and in Science we will take part in an apple experiment.  RED reading folders will go home with some extra practice reading for the week .  Please return the folder and reading material by Friday.  

Sight Words: do, find, funny, sing, no, they
Spelling Words: log, dot, top, hot, lot, ox
*challenges words: friend, play


Spelling- Write your spelling list again in your BEE notebook.  With a crayon, trace over the consonants in yellow and the vowels in red.
Math- Lesson - Study the review pages in your bee folder for your math test tomorrow.


Spelling- Put the first half of your spelling words in a sentence or a story in your bee notebook. For an extra challenge include an action word (verb) in one of your sentences.   Highlight each spelling word.
Math- Lesson 2.1


Spelling- Put the second half of your spelling words in a sentence or a story in your bee notebook.  Highlight each spelling word.
Math- Lesson 2.2in your BEE folder.


Spelling- Study your spelling words for your test tomorrow.
Re-read the story Curious George Goes to School  in your reading textbook to prepare for our comprehension test.
Math- Lesson 2.3 in your BEE folder.
Return your RED reading folder tomorrow.