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First Grade Homework

January 27-25

This week we will continue learning about magical letter e!  We will read an informational story about animals and work on adding interesting words in our writing.  We will complete our math chapter in Social Studies learn about the past, present and future.


Sight Words:  walk, long, bird, fly, both, eyes, those, or

Spelling Words: drive, time, bike, white, kite, like

Challenge Words: knife, write

Spelling- Write your words 3x each

Math- Lesson 6.8


Spelling- Put the first half of your spelling words in sentences.  As an extra challenge cross out a word you use and replace it with a WOW word. (you can see look at the paper glued in your bee folder for some ideas)

Math- Lesson 6.9


Spelling- Put the first second half of your spelling words in sentences.  

Math- Lesson 6.10


Spelling- Study for your test

Reading- Re-read Animal Groups  for your comprehension test

*This comprehension test will count as a science grade.