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Office of the Principal

September 1, 2016


Dear Parents,

                As I indicated in my August letter, Lessings will no longer be our food service provider.  Since that time, I have solicited advice from our school board, our parent’s association and other local public and catholic schools looking for an alternative. My primary focus during this search was to either find or create a program that is affordable and provides a good healthy lunch for our students.

                As I conducted this search, I met with many catering companies and some local businesses and came to the realization that we do not sell enough lunches to make it worth it for them to serve lunch in our school. This led to conversations with a few parents who volunteered to assist in the creation of our own program. In doing so, we studied what is currently done in the Syosset Public Schools and tried to do our best to mirror the program that they implement.

                In previous years, the lunch program brought in a significant profit to the school, ranging anywhere between seven and ten thousand dollars. It has become apparent that; we will not be able to count on that type of income with increasing the price of lunch to a point that would make purchasing cost prohibitive to many of our families. With that in mind, we have eliminated the income we normally receive from the school budget. This income will be made up slightly higher than anticipated enrollment for September.

                So what will our new program look like?

  • Mrs. Barbella has generously volunteered her time to help coordinate the lunches and our relationships with local business.
  • We have hired Mrs. Ondocin, who is certified in food service handling by Nassau County to run the program day to day. She will serve the lunches and Snacks and take care of the ordering.
  • We will introduce some tiered pricing with a fixed menu... the menu will remain the same all year long.
  • We will continue to sell snacks and drinks in the cafeteria.
  • Starting in October, Pre-Kindergarten classes will participate in our lunch program on Pizza Fridays.
  • Any profit that the lunch program makes after expenses will go toward helping PASE meet their goal of $ 101,000.
  • As we will be dealing with different vendors each day, you will not be able to order lunch the day of. Lunch must be ordered either on a monthly or weekly basis using the order form. (Monthly forms are due by the 28th of each month and weekly forms are due Monday mornings)
  • We are looking into a system that would allow you to order online, more details regarding this will be made available, should this transpire.

I would like to thank all those parents who completed our survey and took the time to contact me with your suggestions. I appreciate your assistance greatly.

We will be watching this program carefully to see what adjustments need to be made during the course of the school year.


Mr. Albrecht

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