Weekly Homework

2nd Grade Homework week of November 13th

Spelling words: Super Storms group #1- dish than chest such thin push shine chase while these flash which then white group #2- than then these which beware damage bend flash pounding prevent flash equal reach

Monday, 11/12-- NO SCHOOL Tuesday, 11/3 spelling words in ABC order math lesson 4.1 Wednesday, 11/4 Spelling-- both groups- first 7 words in sentences and/or a story math lesson 4.2 Thursday, 11/5 spelling-- put remaining words in sentences and/or a story *reread Super Storms-- Comprehension test will count as a science grade math lesson 4.3 ELA/Journeys-- complete page #117-- compound words. Write one compound word in your OWL book and draw a picture to illustrate the picture science-- begin studying for science test on weather-- study guide in science notebook Friday-- 11/16 spelling and reading test on Super Storms math lesson 4.4-- if completed it will count as extra credit-**Optional** **Monday, 11/19 --religion test chapter 3-- chapter went home on 11/16 **Tuesday, 11/20-- science test on Weather-- look for study guide in science notebook