Weekly Homework

2nd Grade Homework week of 5/20/19

spelling words: 
tall  saw   dog   draw   fall   call  paw   ball   yawn   log   small  all  walk  soft

challenge word: geometry

Monday, 5/20
math chapter 11 - review for test on Tuesday
spelling words 3x each

Tuesday, 5/21
Math-- IXL 15 minutes online
spelling words in sentences

Wednesday, 5/22
math review
spelling bonus and challenge words in a story

Thursday, 5/23
Math review
reread weekly story for reading test including vocabulary
From Seed to Plant

Friday, 5/24
No Homework ~ have a great weekend!

Please begin preparing for "Teach the Teacher" projects. Date due was written on lesson plan handouts.  If you need the date changed, please ask!