Core Values

Academic Excellence: We believe all students will strive for academic excellence.

Therefore, we expect our students to:

·         Develop a love of learning;

·         Give their best effort to master all aspects of the curriculum;

·         Use strategies to solve problems;

·         Have high expectations and continually challenge themselves to learn;

·         Learn to set short and long term goals;

Core Values 1

Confidence: We believe all students will be confident in their capabilities, their value to society, and their ability to succeed.

Therefore, we expect our students to:

·         Assume they can succeed;

·         Value all attempts at learning and understand that making mistakes is part of learning;

·         Be proud of their best efforts and the work they produce;

·         Think and act independently in the face of peer pressure;

·         Take risks to achieve their goals;

·         Learn and use different approaches to problem solving;

Core Values 2

Cooperation: We believe all students will be valuable, contributing group members.

Therefore, we expect our students to:

·         Help others to learn;

·         Listen attentively to others;

·         Be willing to work with everyone;

·         Accept tasks assigned and follow through;

Core Values 3

Respect: We believe all students will show respect for themselves, others and their community.

Therefore, we expect our students to:

·         Value individual differences;

·         Treat others with consideration;

·         Value different points of view;

·         Be sensitive to the feelings of others;

·         Take care of their property and the property of others;

Core Values 4

ResponsibilityWe believe all students will take responsibility for their words and actions.

Therefore, we expect our students to:

·         Be accountable for their behavior, actions and decisions;

·         Follow through on commitments;

·         Take initiative to ask questions, seek help, and actively participate in the learning process;

·         Be trustworthy and dependable;

·         Demonstrate good sportsmanship and fairness in dealing with others.

Core Values 5

Faith: We believe all students will live their lives following the teachings of Jesus Christ. 

Therefore, we expect our students to:

  ·        Live the Gospel message, participate in prayer and liturgical celebrations and be live up to high standards of morality;

·         Practice forgiveness and Mercy;

·         Show respect for self, others, God, church, authority figures, nature and property;

·         Develop a moral responsibility towards social justice, human rights and are capable of resolving conflicts peacefully;

·         Make moral decisions based on the teachings of Jesus;

Core Values 6


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